Being a "Little" kid again

10:07 AM

Yesterday evening we were invited over to a pastor and his wife's house for supper so around 5:00 that evening we drove the half an hour drive to their house.
The Pastor's kids are all grown up and married but the really cool thing is that all of his 6 kids are living right next door to him and his wife!
So every Sunday evening all their adult kids and grand kids get together and eat dinner and the grown ups stay up talking and laughing while all the kids play outside till it is to dark to play anymore.
It was so fun to play with their grand kids (ages 3 to 8) and just hang out out with them.
Even though I am a teenager I still enjoyed doing the simple stuff with the grand kids.
My Siblings, Me, and about 10 of the grand kids played near the little stream, climbed a tree, played tag, raced, climbed hills, and just had a good old time in the country.
I had so much fun!
Sometimes I think it's just fun to be "little" again and play simple games.
Now I'm not saying I'm all grown up but still, when is that last time you play tag with a bunch of 3 to 8 year old? When is the last time you laughed yourself silly and had a good time till dusk?
Surprising enough I didn't even take pictures even though I did bring my camera.
It was really pretty though-the fog rolling in over the mountains around dark and the crickets chirping.
Yep, I love living in the country! :)

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