I Love Old TV shows!

8:52 AM

Nowadays you can't flip through the TV channels without seeing at least one movie or TV show or even commercial for that matter that is gross and completely inappropriate or just plain stupid! 
My Dad makes me and my siblings turn off the TV during commercials and so does my cousin's Dad. 

I love watching old shows though! The Andy Griffith show is one of my favorites and me and my family just love sitting down and seeing the old black and white episodes.  
Barney Fife and Earnest T. Bass are our favorite characters and you never know what they may do next! ;)   
I also love...

                Danial Boone (Which we watched last night)

                                                    Shirley Temple 


     And Little House on the Prairie (Ok so that isn't to old but still....) 

What "Old" tv shows does you or your family watch?

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