8:26 AM

Hey Everyone!
I am very excited and happy-My family and I are going to get a kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smiles*
We went to see some free kittens yesterday evening and the kittens were sooooooooooooooooo cute and adorable!!!!!!!!! 
We picked out a yellow, orange, and white kitten and are going to pick it up tomorrow. :) 
This morning we decided on a possible name-"Candy." 
I love the name cuz it is so sweet and simple and it starts with a "C" just like our cat before this one which was named, "Cookie." 

                  Lil' orange kitten....aww
                                              ^ The kitten sorta looks like this one here

                             Orange Tabby Kitten
                                                       ^ More so like this one

I can't wait to take some of my own pictures of the kitten and I have sooo many ideas on how to take the pictures!
I'll blog more about the kitten when we get it!

(Images from Pinterest)

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