This Morning I'm...

8:16 AM

Right now I am listening to some music over the computer, and just enjoying the morning. (It is 8:00 AM right now)
This morning I decided to do my quiet time outside instead of doing it in my bedroom-where I usually do it.
It was kinda chilly but other then that it was really peaceful and foggy.
I read in Psalms and in Revelations. (I kinda skip around in my Bible)
In  Psalms it was talking about casting our burdens to God, and then toward the end of chapter (Chapter 55) it started talking about how God will redeem us from our burdens.
"But I will call to God, and the Lord will save me," Psalms 55:16.
It reminds me of a few weeks back when on the news they were talking about a tornado heading our way.
I  got really freaked out and started praying to God and asking for the tornado not to come.
Guess what, God answered my prayers and the tornado didn't even come close to our house.
But something my Dad talked about made me think, he said something like this, "What happens when we find out a bad storm is coming close or we have a trial? We cry out to God, but what happens when life is good? Are we just going to forget God and wait for something bad to happen then we pray?"
That really hits home for me-sometimes I forget to pray to God and I just wait till a trial comes and then I pray with all my heart.
Nothing is wrong with praying really hard when we have trials but we shouldn't just wait for the trials-we need to pray every single day!
God wants us to cry out to him when we have trials but he doesn't want us to forget him in the good times either!

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  1. That is so true! I love this post! Congrats on getting a blog - it looks wonderful!


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