Book Review (I Kissed Dating goodbye, by Joshua Harris)

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I recently finished reading, "I kissed Dating Goodbye," and I loved it!!!
Joshua Harris is very honest on his views and mistakes he made  and plus even though he doesn't agree on dating he doesn't tell people they shouldn't date. 
The book is well written and Joshua talks about stuff like, Love, What God's point of View on Love is, Purity, and Romance and how the world views Romance and Love. 
Also the way he writes it it's for teens and adults alike! 
I give it ten out of ten stars for sure and I highly recommend people to read it! 
Below is the Introduction from the book which tells a little more about what the book is about. :)

Introduction from the book, "I kissed Dating Goodbye"

Thanks for picking up this book. Some people never get past the title. 
"My friends won't touch it," one girl told me. "They hear the title and say, "There's no way I would ever do that."
One guy urged me to change the title, "More people would read it," he said. Maybe he's right. I heard the story of a confused bookstore customer who asked the owner for a copy of the book, "I kissed my Date goodbye." Now there's a book with a message people would want to read! 
I decided to call my book I kissed Dating Goodbye because I want to be with you-there are some radical ideas on these pages. Most other books on dating will tell you how to make dating work for you. This book tells you how to make your life pleasing to God-even if it means taking a break from dating. 
So let me make a simple request. Just read the first chapter. If nothing in it grabs you, that's fine. But I think that you'll discover something in this book to help you. 
You see I don't want to argue with you about whether or not you should date. Yes I'll be honest about the problems I see in the way most people date today. But ultimately my goal isn't to convince you to stop dating. I want to help you examine the aspects of your life that dating touches-the way you treat others, the way to  prepare for your future mate, your personal purity-and looks at what it means these areas in line with God's word. 
So even though in one sense this book is about dating, in another sense dating isn't really the point. The point is what God wants. Discussing if or how dating isn't an end in itself. 

Ok so that isn't the whole introduction but my hands need a rest from typing and you might be tired of reading it and maybe you had to go and you didn't even get this far. That's ok, I just wanted to tell you about the book and encourage you to read it. :)

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your guest post on Everyday Emma!!


  2. Yeah, it is a wonderful book. It's what made me decide against traditional dating. If my opinion it is THE best book on the topic.

    saw you on Emma's blog btw ;)


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