God does things for a reason!

8:14 AM

I have been recently thinking about how God does things for a reason-every single thing God did/does on this Earth is for a reason!
My 7 year old brother was reading me a story aloud about a month ago and the story was about this man who had a beautiful garden. He loved tending it and making sure it was looking at it's best.
One day as he was siting under a nut tree a nut fell from the tree and hit him softly.
The man laughed to himself and looking around the garden he said something like this, "Little nuts grow on big trees-big watermelon grow on little veins. If watermelon grew on trees and hit me I wouldn't not be so calm."
See God does do things for a reason!!!!!
He knew what he was doing when he created me and you and he knows what you are going to do in your life and what your not going to do.
When something goes wrong I tend to get mad at God, "Why does this have to happen?" I ask God. "Things were going so well!"
Well for one thing God knows what he is doing and another thing is that God may or may not want to tell me "why" just yet. He wants me to be patient. 
We need to trust God on why things happen or why they don't.
God knows what he is doing and He will help us through the problems in life.
Why does God give us trials? Maybe because he knows we will be stronger in the long run!!!!

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  1. This post was so true, thank you Kara.


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    1. Hey Emma!
      Thanks so much! I followed you on your blog. :D


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