Guest Post- from Kara

2:20 PM

Hey, I’m Kara!  Yep, another Kara!  And just like Kara who owns this blog, I love to write!  J  I really enjoy writing fiction novels, often set in other worlds.  Writing is so enjoyable for me, but also, a way that I can share God with others, through my stories!  Some of my books have the gospel in them; some of them are about a character learning something about God, or something about their walk with God, but whatever it is, I try to glorify God in some way through my writing.

I want to encourage all of the writers out there, to write wonderful books that bring honor to God!  When I walk into the library I see hundreds of books, but how many of them are actually worth our time reading?  How many of them will actually change our lives for the better, or give something challenging to think on?  Today I challenge the writers out there to write for God! Even if the story is set in another world, or the story is all about talking snow leopards (random!) you can still find ways to make your writing please God. 

Maybe you don’t write novels.  Maybe you write blog articles, or poetry, or music, or you don’t write much at all.  That’s “all good”!  The Bible says:

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 
1 Corinthians 10:31

That applies to everything, doesn’t it?  So whatever you love to do – whether it’s writing, reading, dancing, playing sports, singing, hula-hooping or something else, do it ALL to the glory of God! 


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