Hi Everyone! I'm home!!!!

8:42 AM

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!
I'm home (hence the blog title ;))!!!!
I had such a good time though it went by super quick!!
Ok so this is how my week went (be prepared for a looong blog post)

Sunday: We went to church and then came home to eat lunch. (I had a corn ear :D) 
Around 12 o'clock we left and actually the car ride didn't seem that long. Probably because we were so excited. ;) I tried to read my science book on the way there but I got bored to quickly and had to put it back in my bag.
Oh and our little kitten got to come as well and it didn't meow the whole trip! He slept most of the way and looked sooo adorable!!!!!! (BTW I am listening to the good morning song by Mandisa and I feel like dancing. haha)
On Monday we didn't really do anything, it snowed though and then it felt more like winter then spring... I did play monopoly for the first time and now I am hooked!!! I love that game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday we went to see my Dad's Mom's sister. She lives right above an old store and I LOVE going there!!! The store is almost like the store Mr. Olsen has in Little House on the Prairie.  (Sorry that is the only picture I could find on google)
Wednesday me, my sisters Korin and Kailin, and my Grandmother (I call Meemaw) went to see my great Grandmother.
I ended up watching a cartoon with my little Sister Kailin. 
I am not a big cartoon watcher but I was kinda bored at the moment.  :D
When we got back my Dad wanted to show me and my siblings a golden trout he had seen when walking. (It was under a bridge-not on the road haha)
So me and my 5 siblings and my Dad walked down the road and toward the middle of a small bridge. (not small small but not big either)
I got kinda nervous when cars or trucks went across because there was no sidewalk. haha. 
But yeah we did see the golden trout and later that evening my Grandpa tried to catch it but the fish was to smart for us. :D :D And then yesterday we came home. 
So yeah that was my awesome week-what was your's like? 
In Christ,
Kara :) :)  

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