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Introduce yourself a little bit for those dropping by from the link up...  I am some what hyper and I love creeks and rivers and anything from nature! :D

2. Maybe share a picture of yourself? (optional) 

3. What are your favorite colors to wear during the spring? I just wear regular clothes. :D

4. Favorite accessories to wear? my purity ring and friendship bracelets 

5. Hats? What's your opinions of them? What style do you like best? Are baseball caps unfeminine? I think hats are cool and I mostly wear baseball caps. I agree that there not very feminine but I think there fine to wear and I personally like them. :) 

6. Where you live, what are the first signs that Spring is coming? The first signs are the robins coming back and all the bees. (we have a lot of bees coming around :D)  

7. What is a normal Spring activity in your house? Planting flowers and getting the vegetable garden ready for planting. 

8. What are you looking forward to this upcoming Spring/Summer? Getting to see my friend Alyssa! :D

9. Are you planning on taking any trips? Yep-to NC 

10. Will you be involved in some sort of volunteer work this year? I don't think so though I would love to!

11. Do you plan on doing something different this year than in 2011? I want to read my Bible more and get more active in the church. 

12. If you were driving a convertible on a breezy, warm day what music would be playing on your radio? Klove

13. Is there any book or movies you want to read/see this spring/summer?  I don't know. :D

14. Complete this sentence...please. "A Spring day is perfect with--" my family all around me

15. Have you turned on your AC yet? huh?

16. What smell brings past spring memories to you? the smell of mowed grass.

17. During the warmer months of the year, do you tend to hole yourself up inside, or get out and enjoy the weather? Get out for sure!

18. Please, take a look around our Etsy shops. Is there anyway we can improve to make our 
19. shops stand out and make a better appeal? I'll have to look at it later. :) 

20. In marketing- do you think it is important for a blog and Etsy to, somewhat, match? Um I don't know. It depends on what YOU want. :D

21. Like blog buttons, would you share a button linked to an Etsy shop that you like? Yep

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  1. You get to meet alyssa? NO WAY! *jealous* i wanna meet both of you!! Luckkkkky ducks :)

    1. haha. :) I want to meet you someday too! :D


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