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Hey Everyone!
About two nights ago me, my sis Korin, and my Mom watched a movie called Hidden in Silence. 
It was a movie about a catholic teenage girl who helped Jews escape Hitler's soldiers.
The movie was edgy and based on a true story but a few scenes in the movie were not necessary. (See the review by Dove here
There was not much violence in the movie which was nice and at the same time it showed what Jews went through.
I think you should check with your parents before watching the movie but other then that I love it!
Have a awesome day!

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  1. Hello Kara!
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    Have a blessed day!

  2. Was just checking out your blog and came across this. I LOVED this movie! Then again, I like movies like this. :) A similar movie of a Christian is The Hiding Place. (the movie is on YouTube). The memoir Things We Couldn't Say by Diet Eman is also a great Christian WWII memoir!


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