A new blog design,

3:26 AM

I bet ya'll noticed my new blog design! 
Kaylee Beth was the one who did it and she did an amazing job! 
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it!!!!!!!!!
I think she read my mind on how I wanted it. *smiles* 
Thanks a million Kaylee Beth, you did a terrific job! 
Oh and yesterday I got my purity ring I ordered in the mail, so I had two great things happen today. :D *smiles*
(Oh wait hold a sec while I get my camera to upload the pics I took of my purity ring...)...................................................................
Ok, back. :) (Your'll have to wait till the end of this post for the pics. :D)
Oh and BTW the Easter Egg hunt went amazingly well! :)
My sister joined me and the other boy on hiding the eggs and we ran out of places to hide all the eggs. haha. 
The kids loved the hunt though and 4 of the boys even fought over one of the prize eggs. (boys.... ;)) 
YAY the pics popped up for me! 

I love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^

Have an amazing day!

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  1. I loveee your ring! Purity rings are awesome. Happy Easter kara!

    1. Thanks! Happy Easter to you too!


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