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a subject some people don't like talking about is abortion. It is a tough subject for most yet it needs to be talked about!
Talia from Girlz of God posted about abortion and I think I need to re post a little bit of it here for you.
Talia said,
"I believe that unborn babies should live. Many people are misled to think that babies aren't actually "alive" in the womb at the time a woman commits abortion; I strongly believe that this is untrue. At just six weeks in the womb, the child already has eyes, hands, and a heartbeat. Now, that doesn't sound like mere cells to me.

Allow me to be blunt and honest: Abortion is murder. 

The argument has been raised countless times that it is the woman's baby and it is her choice whether or not to abort it. I think that is completely and utterly ridiculous. GOD is the Creator of life, not us. Since when should we get to choose when to end someone's life? That shouldn't be our choice to make."

When I read that part of the post by Talia I couldn't agree more! 
Abortion is murder and there is no beating around the bush! 
Below is a video called, "180," that I highly recommend watching. It is a little over 30 minutes but is so worth watching!

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