Ahhh Summer

8:03 AM

Summer for me starts in June cuz that's when I am officially done school for the summer...
Right not all I have in science (one of my favorite subjects) and I only have about three more weeks left (or was that two?) 
Summer is like my fave season EVER!
I love everything about summer!
The sun, the colors, the flowers, the mountains, everything!!!!!!!!
Top Ten things I want to do this summer

1. Take a pretty picture of nature that I love!

2. Pick enough strawberries to make a smoothie! 

3. Go to my Grandparent's house, swim in the river and pick raspberries!
4. See my friend Alyssa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Ride 8 miles on my bike (So far I can only ride 6 miles)
7. make lemonade
8.  have 20 followers 
9.  go camping (or sleep in a tent) 
10. have smores! 

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Love the pics! Really cute!

  2. I can't wait until the summer either! So excited to be able to meet you!

  3. Talia, Thanks!
    Alyssa, I know-same here!! Ahhhh we only have like 6 more weeks till we meet!!!!!

  4. Yay! Can't wait! It's going to be amazing!!!!!!


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