A Ballet Post

9:07 AM

I think Ballet is a very pretty dance! It is so graceful and even though I don't like dancing I think Ballet is fun and enjoyable to watch.
My little sister (I can't say her exact age for safety reasons but she is between the ages of 4 and 7) has a cute little pair of pink ballet shoes and I think they are adorable!
She has a Ballet video that she watches a lot and that is how she knows how to dance a little Ballet. :D
Below is a video I took of her doing Ballet yesterday... :D Enjoy! ;)
In Christ,

P.S sorry the video is turned the opposite direction. :D 
P.P.S please comment and tell me what you think of the video! :) 
P.P.P.S I just LOVE putting down P.S's! :D haha. :D

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  1. This is a really old post, but I wanted to say that I love the video and that Kailin is so cute! Tell her that I said that she is a great ballerina! (and that I took dance for eight years, so I know!) lol.


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