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Hey Everyone!
I decided to upload some pics I really liked from my camera and edit them on Pic Monkey. :)
(Did I ever say that I LOVE pic monkey?!)
Here they are....
Drum Role Please....

This is a pic of the field near my Grandparent's house. :)
How I edited it:
I brightened the colors in the picture and then I used a black frosty boarder for around it.

Did I tell you I won this headband from Little Blue Eyes? It is a very pretty headband and her note was very sweet! :)
Here is how I edited the photo:
First I brightened the colors (seems that is what I always do... haha) and then I wanted to see what it would look like to round off the corners. When I got it to where I liked it I then made is a frosty black as well. 

I took this photo two days ago and thought this photo was very pretty! (Well that is my opinion anyway but I am the one who took the pic so...  :)
Here is how I edited the photo:
I just used a special editing thingy and made most of the flowers black and white but kept a few pink. It was my first time trying it and I LOVE the results!!! 

Ok this is my FAVE photo of the bunch! I took this one about three days ago and my sister said this photo is dreamy...
Here is how I edited the photo:
I simply blended everything around the flower. :) 

My brother jumping...
Here is how I edited the photo:
I made everything but my brother in fast motion. I really had fun with this photo!

So that is all my photos. :)
Sorry I didn't have before and after pics-I wanted to but the computer wouldn't load some photos and everything seemed to be acting up. ;)
Bye for now!
LoL (love our Lord),

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