Praising God

9:12 AM

Hola everyone!
Have you ever sang a worship song at church, listened to a certain Christian song on your ipod or radio and felt God's amazing love? Have you ever heard a song and been so encouraged that you just wanted to cry, laugh, and thank God all at once?
I love it when that happens to me!
I love hearing a song at just the right moment when I am feeling sad or discouraged or even when I am happy to hear a song that goes along with my happiness! 
I just love listening to music-in the car, in the morning when I get up, on the radio, on the computer while I write, blog or surf the web.
Singing and praising God can give you so much joy! 

 "Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; speak of all His wonders ..." 1 Chronicles 16:9

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