3:43 PM

So right now I am sitting at the computer thinking random thoughts and doing random things.
I am was staring at the screen wondering what site I was wanting to go on when my sister said, "If your bored just blog," so that is what I am doing right now. :)
Thanks for the idea Korin!!!!!!!! 
I did a "country" photo shoot with my siblings this morning (pics coming soon!) and they turned out AMAZING!!!!!!
(Well I thought they did but I took them so personally my opinion doesn't really count, right?) 
My brother Charles Thomas wanted our dog sparky in the pics but that didn't work out to well. haha. 
I used my Mom's camera instead of mine like I usually do so maybe that's why the pics looked better. (My Mom has a more professional cam then I do). haha-so anyway...
it already feels like summer and since I have already rambled about the photo shoot I won't mention (er ramble) on about getting in the pool, trying to see something on face book, etc, etc. 
Any way bye for now. 
Ya guys have an A------------ma-----z-----------ing day!!!!!!!!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Loved this post! Could you post the pictures from the photoshoot?:)

  2. Emma, thanks! Yes I will :) Hopefully tomorrow sometime. :D


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