When did I start to like photography

8:08 AM

I've been thinking, "When did I start liking photography? When did the interest in cameras and pictures happen?" 
Let's go back to my 5th birthday when I got my first camera...
It was a red camera that was kinda small and it used film. I think the camera lasted for only a short while before in broke. (haha) 
I got another camera sorta similar to the red one and it must have lasted for a bit because I have pictures dating from 2005 and so on.
It seems like I've always liked taking pictures and I've always liked cameras.
I can remember around the age of five dying to videotape my family with our camcorder. 
I got my fist digital camera in 2008. It wasn't brand new (it had been my Mom's) and it was quite easy to use and I loved it!
Here are some of my first "real" pics I took with it! :)

A pic of my Americangirl doll :D

My Cat cookie (she died last year :( )

Another pic of her

My B-day cake my Grandmother made *YUM*

A snow man :D

Snow again

My Grandpa and brothers :D
How do you like some of my first *real* pics? I enjoyed looking back at them. haha. 
IN Christ,

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