20 follows?! No way! (Yes Way ;)

1:08 PM

Hey Everyone!
 I was just looking over my dash board when I gasped and started getting REALLY, REALLY excited!!!!
"I got 20 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," I told my sister excitedly.
Can you believe it?! I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I told you'all that if I got 20 followers or so I would have a giveaway and I wasn't lying. ;)
I want to have a giveaway VERY soon-maybe in two weeks or so.
How does that sound?
would you like to sponsor for my giveaway?
If you would like to sponsor something but don't know what that is ok and if you don't want to sponsor that is totally fine too! :D
But if it just so happens you want to sponsor something and have an idea what to do YAY!
Below are some more ideas just in case:
A blog design
something made by you ( such as ear rings, a friendship bracelet, etc)
something from your shop (if you have one)

You have till July 8th to tell me if ya want to sponsor.
Send me an e-mail @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com or just go down below and send a comment. :)
Also I am going to be taking a blogging break July 8th till the end of that coming week-I am going on vacation then btw if your wondering. :)
Have an amazing day!

A very happy teen (aka Kara)

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5 of your thoughts

  1. I could maybe crochet a crocheted flower hair clip...
    Eve xoxo

  2. Eve,
    that would be awesome!
    Please e-mail me @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com! :)

  3. Hey, do you want me to sponsor something? I might be able to do a small crayon thingy, postcard size :)


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