Blog award (see if you are awarded!)

12:33 PM

Hey everyone!
Emma awarded everyone who follows her blog!!!!!! I guess that means since I follow her I am awarded. lol. :)
(Thanks Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
She got three awards so we get to pick which one we want...
I don't know which one I should say my blog is since I am the author so I asked my sister Korin to pick for me-here is what she picked:

Rules: Answer ten random questions about yourself, tell ten random things about myself, and award seven bloggers.
What is Your Favorite Song God's not Dead from the News Boys. 
What is Your Favorite Dessert: Peanut butter Pie!
What Makes You Mad: idk ;)
When You Are Upset What Do You Do: not talk to whoever I am upset at or I am not very nice to them... :(
What Is Your Favorite Pet: A yellow and white kitten who can be very annoying. haha. 
What Do You Prefer; Black Or White? To Wear: Black maybe
What Is Your Attitude: You would have to ask my family or my friends!
What Is Perfection: taking an awesome picture of nature!!!!!
What Is Your Guilty Pleasure: eating lots of chocolate!!!! :D :D
           Ten Random things about me:
I am wearing nike shorts right now
I love giveaways
I may have a summer blog party in a few days!!!!
I just got home from church
I am staring out the window as I type
I finished a story I was writing
I can's wait to award people at the end of this post. 
I painted my finger nails pink yesterday
I keep putting "I" haha
(last thing!) I am going on Vacation in 5 weeks!!!!!

            I award

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