Book SERIES review (Brides of the West, by Lori Copeland)

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Reading level: 13 and up                                                                   Brides of the West series, Vols 1-6   -     
        By: Lori Copeland
Pages: 320
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers inc. 
Time: 1800s
Language:  all good I think 
Other bad stuff: Death, violence, killing, other.
Rating: five stars *****

The series is about teenage and adult girls who are all mail order brides. Each book is about a different girl and their love story. 

Faith goes to Texas as a mail order bride to marry Nicholas Shepherd-a Texas Rancher. Faith's wedding keeps getting postponed and it seems that Nickolas may be having second thoughts....

June goes to Seattle to marry Eli Messenger- the assistant to a famous evangelist, Issac Inman . Soon after she arrives Eli dies and June goes to work at a near by orphanage.
June also gets caught up in Issac's dream to build a fancy tabernacle when she realizes that Issac is letting Orphans in the orphanage go hungry while he uses all his money to build the tabernacle. 
She soon finds herself in love with Parker-Eli's old friend and together they try to convince Issac to change his mind about the orphans. 

 Mail order bride, Hope get's kidnapped on her way to meet her finance when she is mistaken as someone else! 
One of the men in the gang, known as Grunt seems different then the rest and she can't quite figure him out... 

Glory is a tomboy who wants a new life when the father she has ever known dies. Reluctantly agrees to join a wagon train of mail order brides. 

Glory eventually falls in love with Jackson (the wagon master) but will her secret put them all in danger?

Ruth accidentally get's engaged to an 80 year old suitor and finds herself in a pickle!
Scrambling for an idea on how to avoid further embarrassment Ruth wants to head to Wyoming territory.
She seeks help from her only hope-Dylan Mcall who refuses to take her with him.
Not knowing what else to do Ruth follows Dylan on horseback disguised as a man-what else will Ruth get herself into?

Patience is mistaken for another woman and is kidnapped!
She escapes and falls accidentally upon a goldmine. Will she find the gold she wants or will she find romance as well?

My Comment on the books:
They are well written and I couldn't put the book/s down!
The books a Christian so that makes them even better. A must read!!!!!! 

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