Crayon Art Tutorial

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Yesterday I finally got to make crayon art!!! I saw it here and here and so badly wanted to make it so finally I found a box of crayons, some cardboard, card stock, a blow dryer, and a glue gun and I was set! 
You can make your own too and actually it was VERY easy and actually really fun!
Here is the directions to make your own crayon art!
Here is what you will need:
Some crayons (about 25 or so)
 A blow dryer
Some old newspaper or pages out of a magazine you don't want
Card stock or canvas (canvas probably works best but if you don't have any use card stock like I did and tape some card board onto the back of the card stock to make it more sturdier.
And last but not least a glue gun! 

First you need to decide where you want to do your crayon art
(I did it outside on the picnic table so I wouldn't get crayon wax on the floor or kitchen table) Next Plug in your glue and wait till it gets hot then glue the crayons onto your paper (or canvas). 
Wait to dry then plug in your blow dryer and put it on hot. 
Hold the card stock at an angle in the direction you want to wax to flow. (Be careful though cuz when the wax will begins to melt you have to watch that it doesn't run  off the sides)
Blow the tips of your crayons with the dryer but don't do the crayons all at once. Do them a few at a time. 
In a couple of minutes you should see your crayons slowly beginning to melt. 
Turn the blow dryer off if the dryer starts to get to hot. (You don't want to over heat it!) 
Once the wax is to your liking turn off the blog drying and slowly set the canvas (or card-stock) down and let dry for several minutes.
So there you go-it's one of a kind because no two are alike!
Have you ever done anything like this before?
have an amazing, awesome day!

(My results!)


P.S  Do you think I should have let the wax run farther down the paper? ;) 

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  1. This is really cool! Great Job!
    I'm going to try this with my nieces this weekend! :)



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