Summer blog party :) :) :) :)

10:55 AM

Hey everyone!
Hannah from one of ten and loving it is having an all summer blog party!!!!!!
She is having a polyvore contest and I am entering!
I have to admit that at first I didn't know what a polyvore was but I think I understand now haha.
Ok so anyway here is mine that  I CREATED...

I got the pictures off pinterest and I wouldn't mind having the outfit. :D
Oh and everyone and I am also going to be having a summer blog party VERY soon!
I don't know how long my blog party will last but I am just doing it to have fun and celebrate summer. 
I plan on having some guest posts (e-mail me @ if you would like to do one)
craft ideas 
and just random stuff I may be doing at the moment.
Have any awesome day everyone!
P.S I am editing this post right now and I just wanted to say something-I just found out the polyvore is a website not a contest or anything. haha sorry for not knowing.... lol.
once again,

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  1. thanks for entering!! Love your outfit! :)

    P.S. polyvore is a website where you create outfits. :)


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