What a day...

7:24 AM

Hey everyone!
So for the past two weeks we have gone with out air conditioning and the weather has actually been pretty HOT ... sad right?
Well actually no it isn't sad- I am sorta use to no cool air (except for the fans we have) so it isn't all that bad-I also keep thinking about people in other parts of the world (maybe even here in the USA) who had NO air conditioning or maybe even no electricity. Maybe some people even choose not to have air conditioning. :)
Any way... (I didn't come on here to blog about the weather :D)
so yesterday my Dad took me and my sister Korin bike riding. We rode for about 6.6 miles and I think as we got toward the end I was ready to stop. :)
So then we came home (in the car not on our bikes haha) and later that evening we ate some supper and sat down to watch the rest of Little Women. (Not a fave of my brothers or my Dad :D)
As we were just getting to my favorite part (when Joe is about to leave because Meg was going to have twins) the power shut off. haha-what next right? First no air and now no power.
It was sorta funny but not so funny because now it would be triple hot because now we couldn't turn on the fans.
So my Mom called the power company and while she did that we all jumped into the pool.
About half an hour later the power came back on and we watched America's Got Talent.
So there you have it...
An account of my day yesterday.
Have an amazing day!

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