Almost 30 followers giveaway

11:40 AM


Hello everyone!
My giveaway is finally here! I was going to have it the first of August but was wayyy to excited to wait! haha.
Thanks to my three Awesome sponsors, this giveaway is now taking place!!!
I am sooooooo excited to get the giveaway going!
Drum role please......

   1)  My First sponsor is Kara from Klarabelle Candy, she is sponsoring a lovely piece of Crayon Art!
It is a 5x7 piece of canvas with pretty crayons melted onto it. 
(Please check out her blog here!)


2) Jessie is sponsoring a pretty necklace charm from her shop How Charming .
        The best part is that you get to pick which charm you want! (They look good enough to eat ;)


3) Eve from Along the lines of you is sponsoring a very pretty flower hair clip she crocheted! It's pink and purple and what else can I say but that it is so adorable!

Leave me a comment and tell me which one of the prizes you would most want to win! :) 

Other Entries: 

Follow my blog (3 entries)

Follow Kara's blog (3 entries)

Follow Eve's blog (3 entries) 

Check out Jessie's shop here (2 entries) 

Blog about my giveway (2 entries) 

e-mail at least 3 friends about my giveaway (2 entries) 

Tell me your Favorite Bible Verse and how in encourages you (2 entries) 

Put my giveaway button on your blog sidebar (3 entries) 

That is 21 entries total (counting the Mandatory as one entry). YAY! :D :D :D 

This giveaway ends August 31 (my Birthday) and it starts now!!! 
Please enjoy the giveaway and have an amazing day! 

Love and in Christ,
Kara xoxo

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49 of your thoughts

  1. I emailed 3 friends about it!


  2. I want to win anything! <3 LOL


  3. My favorite Bible Verse is Philippians 4:13, because it encourages me that I can do anything with God.

  4. I checked out Jessie's shop!


  5. This is an AWESOME giveaway!

  6. Hi, Kara! Since I'm sponsoring, can I still enter for the other stuff? If so... I'd love to win the crayon melty thing! I love those. (;

    also, I can't see any of the pictures. It might be just my computer, but maybe you should try saving them to your computer, and then adding them to the post? Thanks. (:

    1. Hi!
      Yes of course you can enter :) You just can't win your own prize haha. :D
      Ok check out my comment below Madeline's comments!

    2. Yeah I would also love to enter just as long as i don't win my clip :P

  7. My favorite Bible verse is 1st Timothy 2: 15 (or is it 2nd, I forget). I like it because it encourages me that my faith is nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. I've checked out Jessie's shop, everything is very cool!

  9. I can't see the photos on your page, so I don't know what I'd chose if I won! I think my favorite, though, would be the hairclip, I'd think.

  10. I blogged about it:

  11. Most of you couldn't see the pics... hmm...
    Check back tomorrow and I will do another post with the pics.
    I hope you can see the prizes then!

  12. Hey Kara, I believe I follow your blog. I have been meaning to ask you three things,
    A) How do you get so many followers?
    B) Who designed your blog, and how?
    C) How do you get volunteers for giveaways?

    Bye, girl! Talk to ya later, and love your blog!

  13. Everyone,
    the images didn't show for me today until just now. Is it still that way for you guys?

  14. I checked out Jessie's shop...adorable!

  15. Oh and as to which prize I would like to win... any one that's not my own! :)

  16. All the pics showed up except for mine, so I put a pic of the crayon art on my blog so people can go to if they wanna see it :)

  17. I blogged about your giveaway on my blog...

  18. My fave Bible verse (currently) is John 11:25-6. I loved it first because it's quoted by a character in one of my favorite books as he gives his life for another. It reminds me Jesus gave His life for us, and that there's hope, that suffering will not last forever and that Jesus conquered death.

  19. Blogged about it!


  20. I have your button!


  21. Oh! I want to win the crayon art most:)

  22. My fave Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11-13 and it encourages me to know that God has great plans for me!

  23. Posted about your giveaway!!

  24. I am emailed my 3 friends about the giveaway!

  25. Psalms 34:18. When I was going through this hard time with this guy i realllyy liked but he didn't like me healed me. :)

  26. I put your button up!

  27. I really like the candy necklace or the crayon art! :) and I follow your blog +3

    I follow Kara's blog! +3
    I followed Eve's too +3
    I checked out Jessie's shop! +2
    Blogged about your giveaway!

    My favorite Bible verse: Proverbs 27:6- to me it means that I can always trust my friends but I also have to be careful about who are really my friends. Because most of my life I have not had trustworthy friends so I have been hurt by them and not I know I always have to be careful about whom I chose and this verse in my heart always reminds me that. +2
    Put up your button! :) +3


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