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Hey everyone!!!
So today I am having a blog link up!!!!
1. copy the questions below and paste them onto your blog post and then answer them. (BTW please erase my answers so you have plenty of space to answer the questions)
2. you must put a link back to my blog
3. Leave me a comment to your blog saying you entered.
4. have fun!!!

               QUESTIONS, Questions and more Questions!!!
1.  How old Are you? 13

2. What is two random things about you? I love chocolate and old TV shows. :)

3.  As summer will be coming to a close in about a month which memory is your favorite from these past summer months?  Going on Vacation to see my friend Alyssa and her family (You probably heard about it on past posts)

2. What is your favorite thing about summer? the weather!

3. Do you go swimming a lot? (If yes what do you like swimming in best-pool, lake, river, or ocean?) I don't go swimming a whole bunch but I like swimming in the river.

5. Are you going to be watching the summer Olympics? Yes!!!! I am been waiting FOREVER for the summer Olympics!!!

6. Which sport will you be most likely to watch? The gymnastics maybe or swimming.

7.  If you could be in any type of sport which one would it be?  Basketball or soccer. It depends... (I have never played any sports before.

9. Finish the sentence please.... "It doesn't feel like summer till...."
I have done lots of outdoor photo shoots and gone biking with my siblings and Dad!

10.  Have you done any volunteer work this summer? no but I wish I could...

11. Show us a favorite summer photo you have taken and then tell us about it!!!
(I took this picture one evening right before dark. The moon was soooo full and pretty and I was so excited to actually see the moon close up on my camera!)

12.   Could you show us a picture of you doing something you have really enjoyed this summer?
Ok so just in case you are wondering why I am holding up a piece of paper with the name of my blog it's because I was trying to get some pics for this blog. haha. Point of showing this pic? I have enjoyed blogging this summer!!! (Along with tons of other things but this was just one of my fave things this summer :D) 

P.S Everyone please check out my July and August giveaway! (For those who could not see my giveaway pics-I re uploaded them so please recheck to see if you can see them now.)


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