Every Color Reminds Me Of God and something That He's done

3:59 PM

Every color reminds me of God's wondrous miracles and things he has done in my life!
Red reminds me of Christ's blood that he shed on the cross for each and every one of us. 
Black-the sin of the world
Green-the verse in Psalms when David talks about laying in green pastures. 
Yellow-The son of God 
I could go on but you may get bored if I go through every single color so I just named random ones. ;)
  So Now It's your turn! 
Comment below and name a color and what it reminds you of.


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  2. What a neat post!! I love the colors that remind you of certain things about God!! Hmm....how about Yellow- that color reminds me of the bright sun. So many times I feel God's presence through the sun (I know that may sound kind of strange) but I feel warmth and just see Him with the rays of sun :) Great post!!!!


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