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I just got back from meeting my friend Alyssa and her amazing family for the first time!!!
I "met" Alyssa over Wonderzone.com and that is where it all started.
For about a year we called each other over the phone, skyped, were pen pals and e-mailed and finally we got to meet on Monday.
We all got to stay in a cabin and I had an amazing time!
She is such a sweet  and fun person and her lil sister is awesome as well!!!!!!!
It rained most of the time we were there but other then that it was perfect!
The mountains were pretty and it was probably one of the best vacations ever. ;) 
To Alyssa:
Thanks so much for being such a great friend! It was awesome meeting you and I am so glad for your friendship!
Tell Sarah "hi" for me. :)
To Alyssa's parents (and mine as well):
Thanks so much for letting me and Alyssa meet up!

(Pics of our vacation below-and BTW I took 155 or something so this is totally not all of them)


Korin and Sarah 

Me and Alyssa <3

At Cracker Barrel 


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  1. Kara, thanks so much! I had so much fun meeting you this past week! There has been many good memories from the trip. I have to agree, it was probably the best vacation ever! Thanks for being one of my best friends and for being so kind and thoughtful. I am so thankful that we were able to meet, and I can't wait until we can meet again! (Btw, I told my parents and Sarah what you told me to tell them). Cute pictures! Love ya!

    1. Your welcome! :)Thanks for being an awesome friend!
      Love ya too!

  2. Haha! Love this! So jealous, Kara! LOL, :)

  3. I am jealous! I wanna meet you guys!


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