A Craft Vlog (Note: No sound :D)

5:01 PM

Hey Everyone!
I have been wanting to do something crafty on here and now I have finally got my chance!
I love making stuff unique and crafty so I painted a soup can, wrapped duct tape around it and made it unique.
I put my pens/pencils in it for on my desk I recently got put in my room and then when I wanted to make a blog type thing about a certain craft I wanted to do this!
I don't know what to call my craft thingy.... haha. The Vlog has zero sound and is just words and pictures but I had fun created the video. :D

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7 of your thoughts

  1. Awesome video! What kind of can did you use?:)

  2. Thanks! I used a soup can. :)

  3. You can use any size btw-depending on what you will put in it. :)

  4. Hi Kara!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Be sure to stop by and read my Liebster Award post from today! P.S. Your goodies are on it's way! xo

  5. Super cute craft, thanks for sharing! :) -Mia

  6. SUPER cute! Love it! Great vid too Kara :)


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