First Day of home school

2:48 PM

Hola everyone!
How was my first day of homeschooling? 

 Well it actually went pretty well! Now if I only I can get into the groove of another school year it would only be even better! haha. 

I started out my morning with a little math (ok not a little, actually we worked several hours on math),  science, and spanish. 
Can I just say that I love science? The books we use in science are 

(Meet my science book-lets name him Phil (as in Physical science P.S My hair looks a weird haha) 

Also I LOVE spanish! It is fun to actually learn a new language and my goal for this new school year is to become fluent (aka fluent as in ok enough to say a paragraph or two in spanish) 

Me and Rosetta Stone (aka my Spanish) 

After school my Mom drove me, my two younger sibs and my little brother to the Library. As you know from a previous  post I am CRAZY about reading so the Library is always fun and plus who would rather spend your day at home studying and doing school work when you can go to the library? (Just a thought)

So yeah I had a good day and now I want go get my books and go read somewhere or maybe watch Tangled-which I haven't watched since last year. Oh I just made my decision! I want to watch Tangled! haha.  

have an awesome day!



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2 of your thoughts

  1. I loved the post! :) I do some classes at home (Math and Science this year) and I go to school once a week to do Spanish, English, and Speech/Theatre. It is my first time doing Spanish, so I hope I like it! I am pretty good at memorizing things, so I think I will do fine:)

  2. Niiice! Glad school is going well. Your new blog design is super cute!


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