Jesus Fest (Lots of Pics so Beware!)

3:56 PM

The First Band we saw (I don't know the name sadly but they were REALLY good and I loved their songs!)

Jeremiah :)

There was a lot of old buildings around and I just had to take some pics! 

Another singer! This guy has 6 kids in his family (sound familiar?)

Then Kailin wanted to get her face painted...

I loved the rainbow design and was tempted to get painted to... ;)

Then Jeremiah wanted to be painted too......

Having Fun (Kailin is the one in green)

Josiah got a froggy painted on him

Ashes Remain 

The Fest was awesome! When we first got there it looked like it might rain but the sky cleared up and the sun broke through the clouds.
  I liked looking around and Kailin and Jeremiah had fun in the kids area where they had places for them to jump around and there was even a magic show.  The magic show was actually pretty good and kid friendly. Korin was so smart and figured out one of the tricks and Charles Thomas said he knew the answer to the card trick. :D 
 So yeah it was fun and I want to go back next year!

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  1. I love Christian fests like these! I actually went to one just the other day...
    I'll be posting pictures of it soon!

    1. I know I do as well! Ok I'll check out your blog. :)


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