Jesus Fest (Ramblings about the day)

10:58 AM

Hey Everyone!
Today we are going to a Jesus Fest! Exciting Right?
I've never been to anything like the Jesus Fest Before and I can't wait to check it our later this afternoon!
We are going to see a band called Ashes Remain (I have heard some of their songs over the radio but not a lot).  I am going to bring my camera and snap some pics if I remember but I usually don't have any problem forgetting to take pics, right?
It looks like rain out and already feels like fall. *sigh* School starts for me and my siblings in a couple of weeks and even though I like homeschooling I don't want summer to end!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Any how I better go but be on the look out for a post about the Jesus Fest tomorrow sometime!
What are your plans for today?

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  1. Have fun at the Jesus Fest! I wish I could be there! :) I love being homeschooled (I actually go to a school 2 days a week), but I don't want summer to end either:P

    My plans...well, we are getting a pool, so we can't leave the house:P



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