My New Design and AGT

12:08 PM


Did you notice my new blog design? Britt designed it for me yesterday! How do you like it?
I LOVE it! She did a fabulous job and was so sweet! 
Thanks so much Britt! 
(For all you who want a new design go here and get one by Britt!) 
Oh and for all you America's Got Talent Fans:

Last night did you see Joe Castillo  ? I really like him for two reasons:
1. He always bases his sand art on Christian stuff it seems like. Last night he did a picture of a little girl and Jesus. 

2. He is very good at what he does and I always can't wait to see him on the show!

I looked up his act he did not last night but the time before-which the one before was even more inspirational. 
If you are a fan of AGT and didn't see him on TV please check out the youtube video below. :)


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3 of your thoughts

  1. I watched it last night! I thought that was so cool

  2. Aww...thanks so much for posting about me- you are so sweet!! :) I did watch AGT last night- I always love his performances and love how he incorporates God into his performances!! :) Great post Kara! You are such a great girl! :) Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with!!!!


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