My Summer

12:08 PM

Summer has been awesome for me! I...
laughed so much and so hard I would almost start crying,  read way more then a person ever should, took so many photo shoots but still want to do more, finally got a good sunset picture, went to my first concert and fest, picked so many berries I got purple fingers, figured out my new camera and I still never tire of taking pictures, planted flowers and took pictures of any unique or pretty flower,  tried crayon art and loved it, made lemonade, figured out how to make blog headers using pic monkey, ate peanut butter pie and still want more, figured out how to plant and use herbs, had my first giveaway ever on my blog, have 33 followers now as well, rode my bike 6 miles, swam in the river and wish I could have done it more then once, grew my hair out long enough to put it up, went shopping and had sooo much fun I can't wait to do it again..... The list could go on.....
My summer was one of the best times of my life though so parts sad- it's almost over and we are all going back to school sometime this week or very soon. I don't want summer to end but am ready for the coolness of fall, the colorful leaves and the fun photo shoots. 
I hope your summer has been as blessed as mine!

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