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So have any of you guys been watching the Olympics?

I have!
Beach Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, and diving. 
I wasn't able to watch all of the girls Gymnastics yesterday night but eagerly asked my Mom this morning who got gold. 
I was soooooo excited to know that Gabby won!
I silently cheered her on the whole time! She is so amazing and just floats through the air!
She seems to be a Christian but I don't know for sure. Do any of you guys know?   
What sports do you watch? Who have you been silently cheering on?

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Great post!! I was cheering for Gabby too- she was my favorite. She mentioned how the one Bible verse helped her through the Olympics the one night when they were talking to her. She seems like she might be a Christian, but I'm not too sure either? Great post!! I enjoy watching the olympics too- especially the gymnastics, swimming and diving! :)

  2. Gabby is my favorite! I love watching the gymnastics! Britt- yes she is a Christian. When they were interviewing her, she said that she gives all the glory to God and at times it looked like she was praying. :) She seems like a great person!


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