School, my giveaway and some random stuff

11:01 AM

Hey Everyone! 
School starts for me tomorrow and this year I get to do math on my laptop so that will be a change.  I have my pencils sharpened, notebooks ready and Spanish needed set up on the computer. Haha. :) 
Sometimes I don't think I realize how blessed I am to be home schooled. It is amazing!
(I am not trying to brag on anything to make you all who go to school feel bad though) 
I can't believe fall is almost here though! Can you guys? I mean didn't  just give you my summer bucket list? Didn't I just say I wanted to have my summer blog party? Didn't I just show you some summer photo shoots? 
BTW remember my giveaway? I actually forgot about it till now? (I know-how could I forget my own giveaway?) Well anyway, I decided to end the giveaway August 30th and draw the winners on my B-day. How does that sound?

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