12:26 PM

Friday I got my new glasses (which I L-O-V-E them) and yesterday I put my hair in a pony tail! Ok so you may be thinking, "Victory? Why? Because you put your hair in a pony tail?"
It is a small victory for me to put my hair up-
1. my hair was way to short before
2. I haven't even tried to put my hair up much before so I was pretty excited that it stayed in all through church this morning and everything.

Sorta weird looking there ;)

Side View

Ok so there you go-my new glasses and my pony tail. :D The pics are sorta blurry since they were taken over the web cam so I will try to get better ones soon! So what about you? have you had any small victories lately? Maybe a new pair of glasses or perhaps braces?
P.S Pics not taken in my room ;)

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  1. You are so pretty! I love your ponytail and your new glasses :) I might be getting braces soon, not sure :P

    1. Thanks Emma! :) You are so sweet!


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