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What is the best thing about books?
I love books and I don't think I could ever tell you my favorite thing about them!
 Maybe it's opening a brand new book and the excitement of a new story. 
I am all about reading!

Or maybe it's opening a book you've had forever but you liked it so much you have to read it again, and again and again!
Or maybe, just maybe you found a book somewhere laying around your room and you forget you've had it!  Opening the book you sit down and eagerly begin reading.  

reading.. reading.. reading...
Books someday may be old fashioned (I mean why read out of books when you can get an e-book?) but to me books will never be out of style! 

The feel of turning pages, having your favorite book mark to lay between the pages.
The crinkle of the pages as I turn them! 

Then there is the library!!!!!!!!
let's read!
Oh gosh I could spend all day in a library! The smell of books and ink as you walk into the building.... everything about it is awesome! 

What more can I say? I just love books!  

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