"What?!" a post about me and pinterest

12:12 PM

Ever been on pinterest and been like "ahhh how did they know I do that?!"
It's crazy I know but it happens to me all the time!
Pinterest really makes me laugh!
I sometimes think it's so funny I show my Mom or send it to my Grandma over e-mail to check it out!
once I even printed something from Pinterest out on a special kind of paper and ironed it onto a t-shirt I got from AC Moore. (BTW did I ever mention AC Moore is one of the best stores EVER?)
Check out my favorite things from Pinterest that just make me want to say, "What? How did Pinterest know?!"


How does Pinterest know what I always do?!

Yep I do it probably every time....

so true


Yes I actually do that.... :)

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5 of your thoughts

  1. LOL!!! These are all me!!! :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ha! These are great!
    I do the toy thing...only that as I'm walking away I press them all! LOL

  3. Haha - oh yes, that frozen computer thing has happened many, many times...oh, but you know what's worse than the run-away-from-the-toy thing? When your brothers and you are killing time in Walmart, waiting for your mom, so you go over to the toy section and bounce a ball back and forth, lose the ball down an aisle, chase after it, run past a motion-sensor toy that lights up and starts playing music, freak out, finally find the stupid ball, run over to it and pick it up...right as a Walmart employee walks by. Slightly embarrassing. Thankfully it was a sweet old lady who just smiled at me (after I gave her my I'm-an-innocent-angel smile, of course). :D

    Sorry that was so long...thanks for sharing these, Kara! :)

  4. http://fountainofmercy.blogspot.com/2012/08/sunshine-blog-award.html I awarded you!


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