Giveaway Winners (FINALLY!)

4:07 PM

^ stirring up the names before drawing 

Hey Everyone! Are you ready to see the giveaway winners? I am so ready to announce it. :) Haha. 

The Winner of Kara's Crayon Art is.......... Emily Madison!!!!!

The Winner of the necklace by Jessie is......... Emma!!!!!

The Winner of the hair clip by Eve is........ Madison Taylor!!!!!!!

Ok and now for a surprise prize!!!! 
 I thought it would make it even more fun to throw in a surprise for you guys! :) 
The lovely surprise is a braided and beaded hemp cord bookmark, and the sponsor is my sister Korin.
I don't currently have a picture so you will just have to take my word for it that it is really pretty! :)

Ok so without further ado the winner of the bookmark is......


please e-mail me both sponsors and winners @ so I can get you in contact  with the winner of your prize/your sponsor

Thanks for entering everyone and also I want to give a BIG thanks to my sponsors. You are ALL amazing!!!!


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