Goodbye for now

2:12 PM

Hey everyone,
I have decided to take a blogger/facebook/pinterest/Gmail break for a couple of days.
even though I enjoy all those sites I need a break from them.
I am not taking a complete computer break though so you will still find me on the Bible Reading Club on and also look for me on GodGirl. Wonderzone and Godgirl are sites I have slacked from going on and they encourage me sooo much in my daily walk with God I feel that I need to get back on them.
I will miss blogging though but as soon as I hit the publish post button my break begins.
So I will leave you will the photos below from my all day photo shoot last weekend. (BTW this is just three out of 55 so just wait to I upload the rest onto my computer. :D)

One of my Fav^

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  1. I'm sorry you're taking a break, but I'm glad you are getting to know God better through your break!

    I awarded you here:

    Are you interested in sponsoring a giveaway of mine? I'm hoping to have rounds of giveaways in October. Please don't feel pressured to do anything! But if you want to, you can email me at:

    for more info. :)



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