Name those earrings! (Contest/giveaway)

1:53 PM

Hola everyone!
Decided to have a contest: I made the earrings above and I would like you to name them.
Some of you out there follow Lena's blog so you know that she had something similar to this. Hope you don't mind me "stealing" your idea Lena. =)
Any way here is how you enter:

Comment below on what you think the earrings should be named and then wait for October 14th for the contest to end for that is when I will pick two names and put it up on the poll.

When the poll is up vote on your favorite and the name with the most votes win.
Soon after the winner is  announced I will put the earrings above on my Etsy shop so whoever's name is chosen get's is used on my shop. (Hope this all makes sense)

That is all there is to it! Oh and there is sorta a prize.
You can choose either 50% off any jewelry item on my shop or buy one pair of earrings and get a matching bracelet free. :)

Have an amazing day and please enter!!!


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8 of your thoughts

  1. Hmm... what about Blue Dazzle? :)

  2. I don't mind at all! =D How about Bombastic Blue?

  3. Kara -
    Hey! I was checking entries on my giveaway and saw your question. If I'm right, you took a break for 4 days. Just to be fair to other entries, to make the ''Do ''A Week of Silence'''' entry count, please take a 3 day longer break, to make it total a week. If you can't do that, I'll have to remove your entry, but I'll add a 5 point entry for you {to make up for the four days}. Which would you rather? Please leave the answer on my blog, Instantly British. :)

  4. "cold as ice"! How about that? or maybe something like that. =)

  5. hmm... how about "Enchanting Blue Shivers" Or "Enchantingly Blue Silvers" or just simply "Enchantingly Blue"


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