You Encourage Me Award

1:13 PM

This award is designed by me. :)
It is meant to be given to fellow bloggers who encourage you, and hopefully by awarding them you will also be encouraging them.

Ok so here is the rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who awarded you

2.  award at least 3 people who's blogs encourage you and say something nice about their blog/and or how it encourages you.

3. show the award on your blog post

4.  Post these rules onto your post

5. you can't award the person back who already awarded you

Here is three people who I award:

Talia on her blog:

Talia, I love your blog! You are always posting things that make me stop and think. (In a good way ;D) Thanks for being an encouragement to others!

I also award....
Britt and her blog:

Britt, your blog title says it all! Thanks for encouraging us ladies in our everyday struggles!
I always can't wait to read a new post by you!!


Kara (no not me-this Kara>

Kara, I love your blog! You are a wonderful writer and I always can't wait to see new posts on your blog!

Have an amazing day!

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1 of your thoughts

  1. Aww...thanks so much for awarding me Kara and for the nice words about my blog. This is such a beautiful award. I can't wait to post this award on my blog!! Thanks sooo much!!


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