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Linking up with Britt for the Bible study!


Rules/Info for the linkup:
1. Attach button in your post (or link back to my blog)
2. Answer the questions (if you don't want to answer all of them that is fine- you can just pick a few that stand out to you!)
3. Feel free to write anything that you learned or thought was neat
4. Please link your post up with your answers to the questions
5. Please post these rules on your blog post

Her Post about James:
So, for this week read James 1 and write down some of your thoughts, things you were touched by, something you learned.....stuff like that. I also will include some questions below, so feel free to answer some of them in your post as well. You don't have to answer all of them (or any of them) but I would love to hear some of your thoughts or things you took out of the chapter!!

Here is some background on the book of James: James was written by James (wow, so surprising...haha). Now if you didn't know James was Jesus's earthly brother. James did have trouble believing in Jesus even though He was his brother, but he later did believe in Jesus and loved the Lord with all his heart and died for his faith in God. Truly such a great role model. So, enough about James, let's get into Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is all about trials and the temptations we as Christians face. It is really a touching chapter with so much truth in it.

I know we all may look at the trials we face and wonder why in the world we are going through them, but as it states in James 1:2-3- "Consider it joy, when you face trials of many kinds, because the testing of your faith develops perseverance."
NOW, you may be wondering what perseverance is beneficial for- well, James goes on to explain that "Preserverence must finish it's work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." This lets us know that when we go through trials it helps us to be more experienced and also allows us to draw closer to God and trust in Him more. 

Another part of chapter 1 that really stood out to me was the portion about being tempted (verses 13-14). Sometimes I tend to think to myself that"God is allowing Satan to tempt me into doing something, so I'm not the only one to blame for my sin." That is totally wrong- even if God is allowing Satan to tempt me, I still have a choice to make and determine what I do and I should not let my excuse for sinning be that Satan is tempting me. I have my own free will and Satan cannot make me sin. 

And lastly, the last thing that really stood out to me in this chapter is about listening. WOW, boy, how convicting. Verses 19-20 really impacted me when they mentioned about how we should be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to becoming angry. It is so easy to become angry and let all our words just fly out of our mouth. But, we should hold our tongue and say what we feel without anger. I often have a hard time too with listening. I tend to talk about how I feel, and don't always listen to the other person. It also goes into a great point in verse 22 about how we shouldn't listen to the Word and not do it. We should DO what the Bible says and not just "listen" to what it is saying. Many people know so much about the Bible and may be very intellectual on facts in the Bible (which is fabulous), but some of those people do not involve the Bible into their life. They KNOW it but they don't put those great "seeds" of knowledge into action in their own lives.

1. What was one verse that really stood out to you in the chapter? both verses 13-14
2. Were you challenged by any of the verses? by that I mean, is there something you feel you need to work on more after reading the chapter? Being quick to hear slow to speak and slow to anger. Something I have trouble with all the tim! 
3. Have you read the book of James much before? Yes I've actually have. I am currently trying to memorize the book of James and learn more from it as I go. 
4. What do you think verses 23-24 mean? Don't be afraid to say what you think!! There are lots of ways to take the verse! I think James is saying that we need to not only read God's word but act what it says! We have to stay steadfast to God's word!
5. Have you faced a certain trial that has "tested your faith?" How did you react in the situation? Yes I've had different faith testing trials alot! I reacted differently to every one and not always in a good way either. I need to work on my faith! 
6.  What is the command in verse 1:21? Put away our sins accept the word which God gave us! 

Go check out her blog and link up as well! 

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  1. Thanks so very much for linking up. You are so sweet to do this!!!!! I LOVED your answers!!! : ) Thanks so much for doing this!


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