A Fallish Post

1:59 PM

Photo shoots with my siblings, read, home schooling,  making caramel brownies and warm cinnamon apples pretty much wraps up my week.  I can totally see that it's fall and I have taken the opportunity to snap about a dozen "fallish" photos over the weeks. Another thing I have discovered is Cinnamon apples. They are the best ever fall snack/dessert!!! (Recipe Below!) 

Fall Apples
You will simply need one small apple (Cut and peeled), brown sugar, cinnamon, and a tad bit of water. Put your apples in a small glass bowl and sprinkled desired amount of cinnamon and brown sugar. (Don't put a bunch of either unless you want very spicy and way to sweet apples. 
Put about one tablespoon of water over the apples ( add more or less depending on how big your apple was). Put in microwave for about a minute and top with whipped cream if desired. 
Enjoy your yummy treat! 
(Thought this pic was pretty cool!)

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  1. Pretty pictures! What is the third one of? It looks like homemade almond roca... if it is, I'm jealous! Braces restrict me from eating said deliciousness....


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