Fall Part 2: A Fashion Post

2:15 PM

Hey everyone! Today is my fashion post and even though I am not a person who is in to fashion that much I wanted to try a fashion post on here for once. :) 

The Outfit is actually one of my fave for fall and it super comfy and warm!
Did you see my blond streak in my hair? I didn't notice it till after the pictures was taken. Haha but yeah it's natural no dye added. =)

Sweater: Gift 
Brown Tank top: Gabes
Jeans: Wal Mart 
Boots: Kohls 
Nacklace: Gift from my Dad
Earrings (Click the above pick to see them better): Lena's shop (Click this to check it out)

Special thanks to my sister Korin for taking the pictures for me! 

Have an amazing day everyone!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. That's SO cute, Kara! You're so beautiful, inside and out!!

  2. That's a really cute outfit!!! You look so pretty, Kara!


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