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Hello everyone!
I am addicted to Pinterest!
I am now constantly quoting Pinterest,  trying new crafts, recipes etc that I find on there, and  I decided to find pictures, crafts and games from Pinterest to recreate.
Here are some awesome stuff from my Pinterest boards I am going to try out!

                                       From my Board "Inspire Me"...
                                    let's read!

                                    bookish girl.


                                       From my board "Painting my nails..."
                              iPod nails? Cool!

                                      From the board "Styles I love..."
                                       Cowgirl Outfit :

                         I will try to see if I can re create this outfit... we shall see...

                                           From my board "food"...

                   white chocolate hot chocolate (YUMMY!)                

From my board "Bucket list..." 

Hmm...I should try this :)
^ Going to try this!
So that is what I think it "Pinteresting" and am going to try to redo. Be on the look out sometime for pics of my creations!
Would you like to follow or check me out my boards Pinterest? Go here

Oh and by the way I just noticed that something is going on with the poll on my blog-it stopped showing who voted. I did have 12 votes and now it's on the zero. Do any of you know who was winning my earring contest when it was working? I think it was the name 'Aqua Rain" but I'm not sure. Please comment if you saw what the poll results was before it all went wacko so I can announce the winner! :)
Have a lovely day guys! 

Lots of Love,

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  1. I love all of these!! I want to leave a note in a library book too! And my poll did the same thing!! It's so weird! And I'm not sure who was in the lead at the time. :(


  2. Hahaha, I LOVE IT! I'm on pinterest too Kara, I'll have to find you and follow you!


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