In Need of some help and the name those earrings contest

1:16 PM

So are you wondering who is the two choices from my "Name those earrings contest"?

It was actually a very tough choice and I wish I could say all of them!!! 
I was so excited to see how many people entered-I honestly didn't know how having a contest like this would turn out. :D 
Any way here is who I chose (after much thinking!! haha).....

"Aqua Rain" by, Kassidy Jacobs and "Blue Dazzle" by, Madeline. 
Thanks so much to all who entered though! It was so much fun and now that  you know the two people I chose please go on my sidebar to vote your favorite. =)

Oh and remember me posting about doing NaNoWriMo (check it out here!)? 
Well I decided during that month of November I am going to be taking a very long break. This will be my first time during NaNoWriMo so I am going to be soo busy and along with school it will make for a pretty busy month. 
I was thinking about it and I wondered if any of you would like to do a guest post during that time or maybe like to be interviewed. 
If you want to do guest post but aren't a blogger that is completely fine! You don't have to have a blog or even a google account to do a guest post. 
You can do a guest post on a recipe you like, your photograpghy, a vlog you did, a devotional, a music video you created, Pinterest or just about yourself. Really I am just looking for about anything you prefer doing. Haha. 
 Anyway if you want to do a guest post please e-mail me @ . :) 

Have an amazing Sunday everyone!

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