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Hey everyone!
I am getting excited and nervous for NaNoWriMo and it is like only two weeks away!
I am still decided on what I should write about even though I have a general idea but other then that    I am fine. Haha.
 For all you who have tried out NaNoWriMo before I do have a few questions and here they are....

1. What does it mean being a buddy on NaNoWriMo?
2.  What is your advice on doing NaNoWriMo?
3. Can you give me a little info on what you can do on NaNowriMo and where I began writing my novel?

Have an amazing day everyone

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3 of your thoughts

  1. I've been considering entering NaNoWriMo, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to join. =)

  2. Kara! Here is the right link to my profile on NanoWrimo :) Thanks for letting me know it didn't work! :))

    1. Thanks Lily! I made you my buddy on there. :D


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