My family and the wonderful world of books

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Pictures are taken by me^
My family loves reading! Just take one step into our house and you can tell.   Go through the the kitchen and into the dining room were you will find a shelf full of home schooling books. Now look to your right and into the living room to find a very large shelf of science books, books about the world and the liked.  Look across the room now to find our Bibles, Dictionaries, Devotionals etc. A chair sits in front ready to have someone curl up into it with a good book. 
 Take a look into my bedroom.
My shelf is filled  of all sorts of books! My collection has grown from when I started getting books at the age of seven  till now so you can just imagine all the different sorts of books I have!  

Yep :)
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  1. Does anybody in your family write? I love books/reading {oh, and the smell of old books! I hope it's not just me... ;)}, and I think that's what inspired my love of writing.

    1. Hey Madeline!
      I like to write as you may know and Korin does some. Yeah I know what you mean! I LOVE the smell of old books! :)


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